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Silky Systems Rapidly Helps FMCG Distributors Establish New Business Operations

Success Story
UMCO, a leading company in Saudi Arabia in distributing FMCG products for the retail market, has increased its productivity by 48% by implementing Silky Systems solutions to orchestrate its back office.

About Silky Systems

Silky Systems is an All-in-One supply chain full solution on the cloud. Silky Systems offers SAAS that integrates and interconnects a set of services meeting business needs. Silky Systems runs on the ORACLE cloud, meaning that can run business anytime, anywhere, using any device.

Silky Systems and UMCO technology as strategic allies

UMCO has chosen Silky Systems to deploy a customized technology solution for its operations.

Delivery system

UMCO has understood that competing vigorously and keeping its business growth can only be created by unifying business and technology strategies to co-create exponential value.

After understanding the needs and urgent timeline, Silky Systems decided to start with the warehouse and logistics because they represent a large share of the operational costs.

Silky Systems helped hire the required human resources and assisted UMCO with selecting the right technology besides reengineering the workflow.

These improvements have increased productivity, speeded up operations, reduced operating costs, and accelerated processes while ensuring quality is still in line with industry standards.

Silky Systems integrates all business processes and technology into one unified process. It is powered by ORACLE cloud infrastructures (OCI) and MySQL Heatwave, giving vastly improved response times, compared to a typical MySQL Database.

What is the Logistics Operation Solutions?

Silky Systems has implemented its Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to manage a warehouse’s day-to-day operations. The WMS guides inventory receiving and put-away, optimizes picking and shipping orders and advises inventory replenishment. The WMS helps achieve a paperless environment automatically and instantly. Moreover, it helps reduce fulfillment time, increase inventory accuracy, increase warehouse efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

Silky Systems has also used its products, Accounting systems, Point of Sale (POS), Delivery Management systems, and Fleet Management systems. These systems are well integrated, and the Warehouse Management systems (WMS) fully achieve the system. All systems are cloud-based, which means they provide high availability that users can access from any computer or mobile phone device. The system suggests the required items be purchased based on the stock status.

Silky Systems offers a warehouse mobile application supporting employees in day-to-day use like inventory receiving and put-away, picking from warehouse shelves, packing orders, and converting to shipping orders.

Emphasizing Customer Service

A delivery management system and a CRM provide insights into each shipment.

Silky Systems has several applications designed to optimize business fleet and delivery management and remove any blind spots from the final mile in a delivery. A crucial step in customer satisfaction is communicating the delivery status with end customers.

Silky Systems uses GPS, enabling UMCO partners to track their shipments, live and directly on the Operations Management Dashboard.

Live tracking enables UMCO’s partners to monitor and contact the drivers directly if a load falls behind the time estimate and meets a service-level agreement (SLA) contracted between UMCO and its customers. This will allow UMCO’s logistics experts to identify the delay as a potential concern and communicate with the customer to determine the best course of action to minimize further disruptions.

Most reporting is done automatically, which means no one is waiting for a driver to update the system, and drivers can focus on delivering only. Silky Systems uses the onboard electronic logger data to monitor engine and driver performance while the truck is in operation.

From ordering the right stock to shipping to customers, these procedures allowed UMCO to reduce its fleet by 30% with increased logistics efficiency.

Silky Systems CRM uses the goals tracking feature to track delivery operation performance, and it also helps operating customer service by tracking support tickets, customers’ cases, and log performance.

Managing Costs

Cost management is critical. Clear supply chain technology allows UMCO to centralize its data by seeing and understanding the total operating expenses through the Silky Systems accounting system. Silky Systems helps reduce operation costs by up to 42% with a system.

The overall positive impact that Silky Systems has provided to UMCO is:

  • Improving its inventory accuracy
  • Experiencing faster month-close completions
  • Meeting internal manufacturing schedules

The business benefits achieved by Silky Systems systems are measurable, and the results are significant:

  • 42% reduction in operating costs
  • 15% reduction in administrative costs
  • 31% reduction in inventory costs
  • 65% improvement in internal schedule compliance
  • 82% improvement in complete and on-time shipments

Introducing an E-Commerce platform

Silky Systems has helped UMCO establish an E-commerce platform that enables UMCO to sell products online to its target customers as B2B eCommerce. The platform consists of Mobile Applications built especially for UMCO, and the app is built entirely natively for Android and iOS platforms. E-Commerce helped increase Sales by 60%. The e-commerce platform was named JUMLAUMCO customers now easily browse products and order from the JUMLA app.


Customer orders will automatically issue a shipping order from the warehouse system. Then the JUMLA app will issue the invoice to the customer as soon as it is delivered and approved by the customer.

silky delivery app

The Courier collects the order using the Silky Systems Courier App and makes sure that one of these proofs of delivery is used, they will deliver it to the customer based on shipping details. These features work in harmony with the Accounting and HR systems to eliminate human error.

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